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At one point I often had to use internet telephony cards (that I bought in the nearest grocery store) for long distance/international calls. I tried a bunch of cards, and decided it is not rational and that's why:

  • Relatively expensive
  • Never know how much exactly call costs because connection/disconnection and other fees applied
  • Unpredictable quality and no ways to improve it (such as using more expensive, but higher quality routes)
  • Need to enter PIN every time
  • Lack of hardware/software phone support. Because access phone numbers are usually local, there is no way to use their service in other cities/countries
  • Unable to refill balance via internet, you need to go to the store
  • Annoying advertising during call connection (like flowers delivery service for example)
  • Very limited capability (usually the only feature is phone-to-phone calling). But I would need PC-to-PC calling, maybe with video and maybe conference calling


After a short Google search I found a lot about standard voice-other-IP protocols (such as SIP), software and hardware VoIP phones, and Open-Source VoIP telephony system. Among other things I found Skype, which I didn't like because:

  • Closed protocol, incompatible with standard protocols
  • Since the protocol closed - there is no way to use standard SIP phones
  • Calls to regular phones are more expensive than calling cards
  • No phone-to-phone calls, only from PC. What if I need to call from the car once in a while?


For these reasons and because I do not like idea of financing closed protocols (in the form of SkypeOut), I decided to search for other projects. In short - at the moment I found nothing suitable, so decided to create my own system. The key features I needed were:

  • Cheap calls with good quality
  • Able to make phone-to-phone calls (like typical calling cards)
  • Ability to use standard VoIP phones (hardware and software)
  • Balance refilling via internet (something like Paypal)
  • Conference call feature
  • Option to redirect local phone number (in any city or country) to any other phone (or VoIP phone). For example I usually buy local cell phone number (SIM card) while traveling abroad, also buy "virtual" phone number in my home area code and redirect all incoming calls to abroad cell phone. This also gives me an option to set my normal cell phone to transfer all cals to "virtual" phone (if this feature supported by your cell phone company). In this case anyone calling your regular cell phone number gets redirected to your abroad cell. This typically costs MUCH less than cell phone provider rouming charges. Please contact me if you need to buy "virtual" phone number and tell me your preferrable country/area code.
  • Add/modify features if I do not like it


I like what I have now, so if you want to try it,  just  register. After registration, you will get e-mail with a PIN and 25 cents on the account (should be enough for a few test calls).

Ah yes, a few comments:

  • Please check rates
  • You can find list of local access numbers in instructions
  • Always entered phone number in international format, without the prefix (011, 00, etc.) E.g. for my US test number enter 12537531536 (1-country code, 253-WA area code, 7531536-phone number)
  • Learn more about available services and how they work
  • Comments/suggestions/requests strongly encouraged


I hope you'll like it, Boris.