Retrofitting Polaroid flashgun #268 with electronic flash

The original Polaroid flashgun #268 was designed for disposable flashbulbs. These flashbulbs could only be used once and were not produced for a long time. The only option to buy them would be ebay, garage sales, etc.
Sure, it's possible to use a modern electronic flash with Polaroid, but it's not fun, I wanted to preserve the authentic look. So I got myself the original flashgun (luckily this thing doesn't have any collectibles value, I got mine for $5 on the ebay) and retrofitted it with modern electronic flash.

My Polaroid Land 440 with original flash

Original flash itself

Flash exploded

Electronic flash from the disposable camera. I got this, although anything similar should work.

Trying to fit electronic flash into the original flashgun

 Hot-glue everything together!

It runs of the single AA battery