How to use the system - what's what

Basic services (well tested)

At the moment there are several services that I have been using for a long time (since 2008) and it is tested quite well:

  • Classic card platform. Call local access number, enter a card number (PIN), dial number you wish to call. It also has additional features:
    • User account number is determined by the user caller ID, you don't have to enter PIN every time. Caller IDs can be configured in member section
    • If you most of the time are calling the same numbers, it is possible to store it as a quick dial (numbers 0-9). Instead of entering the complete phone number e.g. 123456789 you enter assigned quick dial number (e.g. 5) You can easily program quick dials in member section
    • Local access number list currently is very limited, but can be easily expanded to other cities/countries, by popular demand.
  • Calls from PC to phone. Classic scenario, you can use hardware VoIP phones/adapters (such as Linksys PAP2) or software (like X-Lite or Ekiga). Any VoIP phone should work, as long as it supports SIP or IAX protocol.
  • Calls from computer to computer (course for free). To call another user, enter 00<user_number> , where <user_number> - the number which user uses to access the web interface.
  • Virtual phone number. This redirection of local phone number to internet phone or to any phone in any country in the world. Priceless feature if you have to travel or want to have a local phone number in another country.


Additional services (beta version)

  • Java phone on the Web page (member section)
  • Callback in Web pages (also in member section)
  • Callback via SMS. Send SMS to +34973901859; type inside: <card_number>,<your_phone>,<destination_phone> Do not forget commas between numbers. The system first will call <your_phone> and after connection system will call <destination_phone> and then two calls will be connected
  • Call through gtalk. Search for "truecard" user, call him and after voice prompts enter in the chat window your account number and destination number
  • Peer from the sipbroker network. They also have phone access numbers in many countries/cities
  • Conference call.
  • Premium routes selected by phone prefix (000)


Payment options (unless you know me personally).

I only accepts prepaid methods. You refill your account and use this money for calling. All prices and tariffs are in USD. There are several ways to pay:

  • Paypal - the fast, easy and instant method. This is the only fully automatic method, refills account in a second. You can buy credit for $5, $10 and $20. Please note: actual amount deposted onto your account will be less than what you paid to paypal (because of paypal fees, please use paypal calculator for fees detail)
  • Personal checque - there is no fees involved, but it takes addtional time process it (up to several weeks). Please contact me for details how to send me a check
  • If you refill you account with $50 or more via paypal, I will happily wave paypal fees. Please contact me for instructions
  • Western Union never done it, but it should work. You have to contact me to get necessary information


General dialing rules (using the voice menu)

  • All calls billed per-minute, from the moment when termination provider report call was answered. Calls with duration less than 5 seconds are not billed.
  • To call regular telephone number dial it in international format (without prefix)
  • To cancel a call press *. System will return to the main menu where you can enter another phone number
  • Check the balance - enter *0
  • Redial - enter the *1 (the system will call the last successfuly dialed number)


Configure software phone X-Lite

This is very good free software phone. X-Lite Download
Install, run, click the right button on your phone, select the "Sip Account Settings", click "Add". Enter user details as shown below.

  • In "User Name" and "Authorization Name" enter user number (what you use to log into member section)
  • "Password" the password you use to enter into member section

Click OK, close accounts window - everything is ready, you can make a call.
As always, to call regular phone dial the number without prefix, to make a call to another user, dial 00<user_number>.



Setting up hardware phone adapter Linksys PAP2

This is nice phone adapter that allows you to connect a regular telephone to VoIP network. It supports SIP protocol. To configure simply go to the settings page, enter user parametrs as shown below.

  • In "Display Name", "User ID" and "Auth ID" enter user number (number you use to log into member section)
  • "Password" the password you use to enter into member section

PAP2 Configuration

Click "Save Settings", now you can try to call.
As always, to call regular phone dial the number without prefix, to make a call to another user, dial 00<user_number>.



At the moment, there are the following local access numbers active:

Country City Phone Comment
USA Chicago 312-205-6421  
USA Chicago 773-326-4001 Removed

After dialing the system will ask PIN number, you enter the account number (see "Your account number" in email confirmation)
Then you will be told how much money in the account. You can enter number to call (as usual, without a prefix), press # after you entered the number to speed-up dialing process.